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Digital preservation is an emerging discipline globally and the Library has been a consistent contributor to international developments in both research and practice. The National Library has contributed at a high level to international research endeavours for over a decade now. Particular achievements include:

  • Preservation metadata (in use internationally and which contributed to the de facto standard PREMIS)
  • Metadata Extract Tool (one of the first and one of very few tools for understanding the internal makeup of a file)
  • Rosetta (commercial digital preservation system available internationally)
  • Web Curator Tool (which makes web archiving a desktop/curatorial process rather than an engineer's activity)

Here are just some of the groups we are currently working with:

International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC)

IIPC logo

The National Library of New Zealand is a member of the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC) (external link) , which includes many national libraries, universities and other institutions around the world those are committed to preserving the web history and making it available for research.

"The IIPC is a member ship organization dedicated to improving the tools, standards and best practices of web archiving while promoting international collaboration and the broad access and use of web archives for research and cultural heritage. Web archiving is the process of gathering up data that has been published on the World Wide Web, storing it, ensuring the data is preserved in an archive, and making the collected data available for future research. The WARC archival standard, the Heritrix crawler, and the WARC analytic tools are all products of IIPC working groups and projects and initiatives, and they make up the standard tools for archival web capture around the world." - IIPC website

Our Involvement

The National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Matauranga o Aotearoa is a strong member of the international web archiving and digital preservation community. The Library began selecting websites in 1999 and the New Zealand Web Archive (external link)  has continued to grow with active development since 2005, reflecting New Zealand’s growing online cultural and historical presence. The National Library as a member of IIPC plays an active role in the Preservation Working Group (PWG) (external link) . The focus of the group is on policy, practices and resources in support of preserving the content and accessibility of web archives. The National Library has been involved in many of the IIPC projects over the years. The Web Curator Tool (WCT), a tool for acquiring web material is run as an IIPC based project.

The National Library of New Zealand successfully hosted the last International Internet Preservation Consortium General Assembly (GA) and Web Archiving Conference (WAC) in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand in 2018 (12 -15 November).


Rosetta User Group

The Rosetta User Group provides input to Ex Libris regarding all aspects of Rosetta including:

  • advice and guidance to Ex Libris on the direction and activities relating to Rosetta
  • serves as a forum for information sharing, discussion and collaborative analysis and assessment of the development of Rosetta
  • ensures that Rosetta development continues to meet the needs of the Rosetta user community and potential new customers.

About the groups

  1. System Operations  - focus is on issues related to the way Rosetta operates and how data moves through the system including material flows, content deposit, technical analyst work bench, SIP processing, and searching the  repository

  2. Access and Integrations - focus is on issues related to traditional ideas of digital asset management such as delivery, publishing and access rights

  3. Digital Preservation -focus is on practices of long-term digital preservation and data archiving, including the implementation and integration of as well as conformance to standards and schemas.

  4. Format Library  - focus is on operating procedures, and workflows of the Rosetta Format Library. This group, open to all Rosetta implementers, is the primary forum for discussing capability, functionality and processes that are derived from the format library. The FLWG also controls the roll out of the Global Format Library to all installations.

Our Involvement

  • Current office holders: Kirsty Smith (Test and Assurance Manager, National Library of New Zealand) is the Chair of the Rosetta User Group and Peter McKinney (Digital Preservation Policy Analyst, National Library of New Zealand)  serves as a lead member of Format Library Working Group.

  • The National Library convenes the Rosetta Format Library Working Group (FLWG).


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