Other Working Groups of Interest


Format Library Working Group (FLWG)

The National Library convenes the Rosetta Format Library Working Group (FLWG). This group, open to all Rosetta implementers, is the primary forum for discussing capability, functionality and processes that are derived from the format library. The FLWG also controls the roll out of the Global Format Library to all installations.

The Format Library Working Group

  • Manages the format library (updates and edits)
  • Agrees on changes to the knowledge base
  • Develops new functionality proposals
  • Reviews new Ex Libris proposals

iPRES - International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects

The National Library fully supports the iPRES (external link) series of conferences. iPRES is the main international conference on digital preservation. Members of staff have worked on the organising committee for a number of the conferences (2013, 2014, 2016) and have given numerous presentations.

NSLA Digital Preservation Group

This group is involved in identifying best practice and collaborative options for the preservation of born-digital and digitised materials. 

The current group members are:

Serena Coates (State Library of Queensland)
David Allen (State Library of Queensland)
Kerry Blinco (Northern Territory Library)
Antoinette Buchanan (Libraries ACT)
Libor Coufal (National Library of Australia)
Joanna Fleming (State Library of New South Wales)
Jennifer Jerome (LINC Tasmania)
Peter McKinney (National Library of New Zealand)
David Ong (State Library of Western Australia)
Cornel Platzer (National Library of Australia)
Lesley Sharp (State Library of South Australia)
Sarah Slade (State Library Victoria)

For more information visit: http://www.nsla.org.au/projects/digital-preservation (external link)

METS Editorial Board

The METS Editorial Board is an international group of volunteers committed to maintaining editorial control over METS, its XML Schema, the METS Profile XML Schema, and official METS documentation. The Board promotes the use of the METS specification, maintains a registry of METS Profiles, and endorses best practices in the use of METS as they emerge.

Current METS Editorial Board members:

Betsy Post (Administrative Co-chair), Boston College
Thomas Habing (Technical Co-chair), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Karin Bredenberg, Swedish National Archives
Bertrand Caron, Bibliothèque nationale de France
Aaron Elkiss, University of Michigan (with responsibilities for HathiTrust content)
Richard Gartner, Warburg Institute, University of London
Jukka Kervinen, The National Library of Finland
Juha Lehtonen, CSC – IT Center for Science (Finnish IT Center for Science)
Jerome McDonough (Ex-officio), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Sean Mosely, National Library of New Zealand
Andreas Nef, Docuteam GmbH, Baden
Leah Prescott, Georgetown University Law Center Library
Merrilee Proffitt (Ex-officio), OCLC, Programs and Research
Tobias Steinke, Project Kopal, German National Library
Brian Tingle, California Digital Library
Nate Trail, Library of Congress
Robin Wendler, Harvard University

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